by DW Getchel

Zane pulled his hoodie tighter. The street corner with the flickering light where he stood was quiet while he waited.

His hands fiddled with the data stick in the pouch, his mind going from calm to panic with every breath. The data was swiped from a company he contracted for, one of the big ones. Hundreds of thousands of people all over the world working for the conglomerate. They had a dirty little secret. Actually a big world altering secret that people needed to know about.

Stumbling upon the data by accident was the best worst thing that happened to him. Trying to cash in led him to grow a conscience and turn it over to someone that could blow it wide open. Now he was at the corner in a sketch neighborhood, with information that will change the world. He shivered, though it wasn’t that cold out.

He’d found a blogger that would publish it. It needed to be calculated he said and that’s why Zane was not going to be involved. He was there to give all the data to Oren Supernova an eccentric writer that exposed conspiracies with real evidence and facts. Wildly popular and right most of the time.

Nobody really knew what Oren looked like or who he was. Could be female for all Zane knew.

As he flipped his wrist to flash the time, a shadow started coming across the street. Hooded, dark clothes. A standard outfit for new age cyber punks these days he smirked to himself. It’s game time.