by DW Getchel

The sea tossed them like a washer does laundry. A forty¬†foot boat could barely manage the onslaught of waves. They were in a twenty, in the middle of nowhere blackness. According to their charts and GPS, they’d been pushed far away from shore. Nadine was wearing panic on her face, Peter hiding his.

“These boats can handle much worse than this,” He reassured her.

“It doesn’t feel like it. What a way to die. Sinking into the cold black water, drowning.”

“Jesus Nadine, now why would you say something like that? That’s terrible. We’re not going to die today.”


Hot, humid and miserable. Lucia didn’t want to spend her honeymoon in the city she lived in, but her new dear husband had a meeting come up abruptly. That’s right, spending time at home, while they’re supposed to be in the mountains, staying in a cottage and relaxing.

Manny worked for a big corporate bank lender. His wife knew it to be true, but she didn’t know what he did. Corporate security was what was passed around the dinner table and meeting new people. Manny really was the cleaner. And we’re not talking about clothes.

“As the worlds top scientists, visionaries and thinkers¬†work night and day to help save humanity, here is what we think we know so far. Welcome to tonight’s special report, I’m Kennica Yelsh.”